Welcome to our website! We are a multi-gaming clan Renaissance. We are primarily active in cooperative MMOs like Stalker Online, Survarium or Elder Scrolls Online. Our players love to spend their time in-game together, complete game objectives as a team, support each other and have fun / no drama. Does it resonate you? Then do not miss our Hiring info if you are considering to join our clan.
New friends
Prometheus 5 days ago
Several new adventurers joined Renaissance in few past days. They came from ex-guild TKT which ended its activity in Elder Scrolls Online. Welcome guys, I hope you will enjoy playing with us. Every day in ESO is fun regardless of what we do as a team. Surviving veteran dungeons, capturing enemy camps in PvP campaign, collecting resources and crafting, fishing and exploring. The world of Tamriel is large enough to offer new challenges for every day.

ESO Update 3
Prometheus 10th Jul
Another major update is coming for Elder Scrolls Online. It will bring new end-game content, hardcore modes for existing dungeons, new types of armor and custom guild ranks. But I believe the update will be mostly appreciated because of Guild Heraldry and Armor Dyeing. Guild membership is not visible ingame for other players so wearing guild-unique topcoat will be a great way to show guild members' pride. Few new guild members joined Renaissance yesterday - so we may start thinking about Renaissance emblem.

Aetherian Archive
Prometheus 24th Jun
Our Elder Scrolls Online players in cooperation with TKT guild are preparing for the most difficult dungeon in the game - Aetherian Archive. This challenging trial requires a very tight cooperation of 12 players. The trial includes four epic bosses, limited number of respawns and time limit for completion. Cross fingers for us - or join us and enjoy the adventure with us.

New mounts in ESO?
Prometheus 19th Jun
Zenimax stated the following in the last Ask us anything session: "Of note, only horse mounts have the endless sprint trait. Other upcoming mount types will have different special traits." Well that is quite promising. Will we be able to ride bears and trolls?

Oh and by the way - they finally plan to update enchanting, respectively how quickly can you level up. All professions are going up relatively easy but enchanting ... eh. Even if you have friends who provide you their crafted glyphs.

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