Welcome to our website! We are a multi-gaming clan Renaissance. We are primarily active in cooperative MMOs like Stalker Online, Survarium or Elder Scrolls Online. Our players love to spend their time in-game together, complete game objectives as a team, support each other and have fun / no drama. Does it resonate you? Then do not miss our Hiring info if you are considering to join our clan.
Life in Tamriel
Prometheus 2nd Apr
Renaissance is already well settled in Elder Scrolls Online. The game will be officially released on April 4 however majority of our members obtained 5 days early access as a part of preorder bonus. And so we are already playing and having fun together in the game since Sunday. The game is exciting and it offers multiple PvE, PvP and role playing opportunities. Our clan is still open for hiring so do not hesitate to join Renaissance in Elder Scrolls Online if you plan to play the game. See you in Tamriel!

Stalker Online new update
Yusuf 29th Mar
The new patch for SO was installed with more features and changes to the game, one of the important changes is the IP check system which will send a confirmation code to your mail whenever you login with a new IP so when you're joining today you'll be asked to enter the code which can be found in your mail, keep in mind that if you enter a wrong code more than five time your IP will be banned so be careful.

Also our clan in SO now have 11 members and we keep growing while waiting for more members to join once the English version is out.

Stalker Online
Prometheus 24th Mar
Our clan has been recently established in Stalker Online (SO) game - the parallel project to SZone-Online. Renaissance clan in this game has 7 members so far and the number is growing - mainly because more and more clan members are leaving SZone-Online as they are looking for something better. The role of SO governor is covered by X3BAZZINGA and Yusuf is his acting deputy. As a part of this change, X3BAZZINGA joined the Board of Counselors - a group of clan members helping me to lead Renaissance clan across all games.

If you decide to play Stalker Online, you should consider joining our clan there. You will meet a well established clan structure with helpful experienced players. Feel free to contact X3BAZZINGA or Yusuf for any SO related questions. Good luck and thank you guys for extending our clan to another game!

4th Elder Scrolls Online Beta
Prometheus 12th Mar
Another weekend beta test of Elder Scrolls Online will start this Friday, March 14 at 5pm GMT. The beta will last by March 17 morning. This will be probably the very last official beta because the final game release is planned for March 30 (for people with early access bonus). We will be able to test European Megaserver for the very first time during this beta. Additionally - for the very first time - we will be able to test Imperial character as well as pre-order bonuses.

You do not need to do anything special to join the beta if you participated one of the previous sessions. Just start your ESO Launcher and switch to European server in Launcher Options. Relatively small patch will be downloaded and you will be ready to play. If this is the first time you wanna try ESO beta, grab your beta key from one of many beta-key-giveaway offers on Internet. See you in Tamriel!

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