Welcome to our website! We are a multi-gaming clan Renaissance. We are primarily active in cooperative MMOs like Stalker Online, Survarium or Elder Scrolls Online. Our players love to spend their time in-game together, complete game objectives as a team, support each other and have fun / no drama. Does it resonate you? Then do not miss our Hiring info if you are considering to join our clan.
Recruitment Closed
11th Nov 2014 · moh00

For now only the ESO recruitment will remain open as the clan activity in both 
stalker themed games has mostly disappeared.

As people still read those news this might better reflect the state we're in right now.

More changes coming
15th Aug 2014 · Prometheus

Zenimax is preparing new major Elder Scrolls Online update for us. The one called as Update 4 will introduce new map of Upper Craglorn, new Trial for large groups and the Dragonstar Arena for epic PvP fights. You may watch a short trailer introducing the update. I just hope that there will be few minor updates in the upcoming weeks which will fix some annoying bugs in the game. And my secret wish is to get a chance to apply dyeing color schemes to weapons - at least to shields and quivers.

Server migration
30th Jul 2014 · Prometheus

Today is the day D. ESO server for European players is being migrated just now from US to European datacenter in Germany. This action should help with lag spikes and latency issues. The whole migration starts 12pm GMT and it should be completed by 9pm GMT. Lets cross fingers and lets hope that the migration will go without any bog problems. See you all in Tamriel.

New friends
17th Jul 2014 · Prometheus

Several new adventurers joined Renaissance in few past days. They came from ex-guild TKT which ended its activity in Elder Scrolls Online. Welcome guys, I hope you will enjoy playing with us. Every day in ESO is fun regardless of what we do as a team. Surviving veteran dungeons, capturing enemy camps in PvP campaign, collecting resources and crafting, fishing and exploring. The world of Tamriel is large enough to offer new challenges for every day.

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